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No technical background required to now communicate with the complex data sitting behind your bank!

Generative AI for Banks

Your data stays safe and the AI comes to YOUR environment so you can further understand your data and customers.
Leveraging the Snowflake Cloud for Optimal Performance.
All Data is Protected and Secure in your Bank's Environment.
Beautiful UI
Simple is Best. This is the High Tech Tool for the Low Tech User.
No Development Needed. Just Talk to Your Data.

Any technical level of the bank can now query data using plain English.

No code, no analyst; just a simple text box and whatever questions about your data you can think of. We build AI-driven platforms that know your data and how it’s structured with fine detail and combine the power of AI with the creativity of humans to supercharge the data analytics process.

Ask plain-language questions about your data.
Let the AI do the work in finding the related results.

Better understand your customers transactions by asking questions.

We contextualize your data so the AI is aware of what it represents. It doesn’t just know what the fields and values are, it has awareness of what they mean; providing an entirely new tool to provide insight into your data and your customers.

Where are your customers purchasing from?
What local businesses can you connect with through your customers?
How have your customers purchases changed over time?

iDENTIFY trends in seconds.

Ask it a question about your data, and you can quickly have an answer. One that previously might have required writing an entire SQL query yourself, or worse yet having to rope in a data analyst and wait for a response. In just a couple seconds, the AI can process your question, contextualize it, analyze your data, and even format it into an easy-to-digest table layout or graph before returning it to you.

Are you ready?

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